Archive for June, 2010

Version 5.0.3

June 18th, 2010

• Added option to move aside a database that’s unusable, because it has zero records. This is a rare edge case.
• Other bug fixes.


Version 5.0.2

June 15th, 2010

• Added new Metadata Database Notes feature. Create RTF notes to help keep track of the projects you’re working on.
• NOTE: when launching the Metadata Database will be backed up and converted to a newer format.
• Added iTunes Library Sidebar item to make accessing the iTunes Library easy.
• Added “.mid”, “.syx”, “.sysex”, “.ogg” and “.flac” to the default user scan types.
• Improved Scanning core to better handle custom user types.
• Fixed bug when dragging files to a saved Library in the Sidebar.
• Crashing bug fixed for Roger Linn and Stillwell AudioUnit plug-ins.
• Bug fix in Metadata Search Panel “Add Search Results” was not adding the results.
• A few typo fixes.
• Other bug fixes.