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Digi 003 and ProTools 8

January 17th, 2009


Using Audiofinder and Pro Tools LE (mac) simultaneously

1. Open your macs audio midi setup and select “Built-in Digital Output” for all of your output options (see figure 1)


2. Connect a TOSlink optical cable from the digital output of your mac into the digital input of your Digidesign Hardware.

3. Open Pro Tools and select “hardware” from the setup menu .

4.  Select S/PIDIF in optical format, hit ok. ( see figure 2)


5. Open Pro Tools and create a new stereo Aux track.

6. solo safe the aux input (the solo button will be grayed out if you do this correctly).

7. From the input menu of the Aux track select interface>S/PDIF (Stereo) (see figure 3)


8. Save as template.

Now audiofinder, (as well as all of your systems sounds if youkeep this template open) will play through your digidesign hardware with untarnished clean digital audio! 

Tip by Joseph Fraioli

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