Archive for February, 2011

Version 5.1.3

February 14th, 2011

Changes in version 5.1.3

  • Quick update to fix Control-Drag in the Audio Quick Look when creating clips. In version 5.1.2 adding the context menu to the Audio Quick Look view broke creating clips. This updates reverts that change. Use the Action button instead for accessing the context menu.
  • Fixed a Sample Tool crasher when inserting space at location 0.
  • Other bug fixes.


Version 5.1.2

February 13th, 2011

Changes in version 5.1.2

  • Added new “Find Duplicates” Sidebar item. When invoked it will scan the location selected for duplicates and show them in the main list.
  • Made the Audio Quick Look view sizeable inside the main window by adding a pane splitter.
  • Switched to a standard customizable toolbar.
  • Added Quick Look icon to the toolbar. Will collapse and open the view, or bring it forward when detached.
  • Changed the Detach Audio Quick Look keyboard shortcut to Command-/ to avoid confusion with Command-F for Find.
  • Change the keyboard shortcut for Toggling the Metadata Viewer panel to Command-Option-I.
  • Added menu item for feature not often discovered by users. File->Remove Selection From List. Unlike “Move to Trash” this just removes the items from the list.
  • Fixed bug when dragging from one Library to another where the list would refresh each time.
  • Added context menu to Audio Quick Look waveform view.
  • Bug fix, the Top button in the main window was broken.
  • Bug fix for reading embedded metadata from a file with improper chunk sizes.
  • Bug fix, hitting return in the Search Field sometimes could trigger the Play button (return key shortcut).
  • Bug fix, when searching the Metadata Database the results were not being added to the Recents Sidebar item.
  • Other bug fixes.