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Version 5.0.4

August 31st, 2010

• Redesigned the Metadata Viewer to be more compact and able to be minimized much smaller.
• Added “Set Spotlight Comment” to the Metadata Viewer. Clicking this button writes the current Metadata formatted text to the file’s Spotlight entry. Viewable with Finder’s Get Info.
• Added “Get Info” button to the Metadata Viewer to open Finder’s “Get Info” window.
• Added new Tagging defaults that cover a wide range of sonic descriptors.
• Added “Copy Metadata to Spotlight Comments” to the File menu.
• Added “Copy” and “Paste” menu items to the Metadata Viewer “Template” menu.
• Added “Metadata Tags Setup…” to the Library menu. Use this to build your set of preset Tags.
• Improved the Combo Box tagging drop downs to be more user friendly and to provide Tool Tips to display the complete tag when the field is not wide enough.
• Changed the way the Tags combo boxes work, they now append Tags selected from the drop down instead of replacing what’s already there.
• Added support for renaming a selected folder. Automatically updates the Metadata Database.
• Streamlined the File menu by moving some items into a “Convert” submenu.
• Moved the “Mount” button to the File menu as it’s more of a power user feature.
• Switched HUD Windows to using the new AppKit provided HUD windows.
• Command-H besides hiding the windows will now also minimize any AudioUnit Inspectors.
• Bug fix for the “Remove” item in the Metadata Viewer “Template” menu.
• Bug fix when Processing mono files with AudioUnits resulting in extra padding at the end.
• Creation Date and Modification Dates are now being actively tracked by the Metadata Database.
• Missing items in the Metadata Database Manager are now sorted.
• Renamed the “Show Info” button to “Show Metadata” to clear up confusion.
• Fixed a slow start up issue when there were thousands of Tags in the Metadata Database.
• Bug fix for crash on start up with bad Audio Units.
• Couple of bug fixes for the Folder Template feature.
• Fixed an Audio Unit sorting problem that results in Wave Z-Noise note showing in the menu.
• Command-D now properly toggles showing/hiding the Metadata Info Viewer.
• Fixed play on Dock icon drag and drop for Leopard.
• Overall work on the Tagging user interface has made it much easier to use.
• Other bug fixes.