Flexiauth Activation

Version 4.9 of AudioFinder features an easy 1-2-3 method of authorizing it to run on your system. You only need one code for all your machines.

Please note that AudioFinder will begin to limit features after a while if it is not Authorized. Codes are issued in less than twelve hours, depending on your time zone.


Step 1: Launch AudioFinder and click “Activate or Need Code”

Step 2: Paste your Flexiauth Code in the text field

The code evaluator is very forgiving, you can even paste the entire email you received into the text field, it knows how to extract the important bits.

Step 3: Click Activate Code

That’s all there is to it. The Flexiauth Code may be used on all of your computers, provided you are the only user.

Your ID will now show in the AudioFinder menu. Select this menu item to Deactivate AudioFinder and return it to demo mode.


NOTE: your Flexiauth Code is linked to you, sharing it with others is a violation of the user license. Secure your Flexiauth Code from others, you are responsible if it’s lost.

Never post your Flexiauth code on the net or you will lose your license. It is your personal serial number.

AudioFinder cannot be resold and licenses cannot be transferred.



Special Note for copying the Flexiauth Code to Text Edit.  Some users may want to archive their Flexiauth Code with Text Edit.

Text Edit will by default convert the code to Rich Text Format, which re-writes the Code and breaks it.  Please do the following to get around this:

1.  In Text Edit under the Format menu select “Make Plain Text”
2.  Paste the code in there after the document is Plain Text.
3.  Save the file.