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December 11th, 2011

Version 5.5.0

December 10th, 2011

Changes in version 5.5.0

  • Added new Tag based browser.
  • Added a “Clear” button to the Tags editor.
  • Added a “Append” option to the Tags editor for multiple selections.
  • Moved the Star Rating control to the Tags editor panel where it doesn’t require saving.
  • Bug fix for path control when Bookmarks are selected in the Sidebar.
  • Fixed list refresh bug when changing tags.
  • Other bug fixes.


Setting up the Metadata Database on a shared server

December 5th, 2011
Normally the Metadata Database is store in your home folder, in ~/Library/Application Support/AudioFinder
In some cases people may wish to share this on a server, in that case you can override the default location by doing the following.
1. Figure out where you want to keep the file that is the shared database.
2. Make sure you have it so it will always be mounted when AF launches
3. run
4. Then edit the following line to include the path to where you want to keep the database by replacing the “/Volumes/Some Drive/Some Folder” part.
defaults write com.icedaudio.audiofinder “MetadataDatabasePath” -string “/Volumes/Some Drive/Some Folder”

5. Paste the edited line into
6. Launch AF. If successful you’ll find a file named “Metadata Database” at that path.

What does this do? It sets the AF Preferences to override the location in your Home Folder Application support where AF defaults to.

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