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Great AudioFinder Tutorial

November 23rd, 2018

Glitch Mob and AudioFinder

January 4th, 2011 … ndex3.html

“Another interesting aspect of The Glitch Mob’s drum production was that they were constantly tuning the drums to match the keys of the song. “Kick drums, toms—it was very critical that they were tuned to the song,” Ma says. “Even snares, sometimes.”

They typically used Iced Audio’s AudioFinder software to help with pitch identification. “Basically, it finds all the fundamentals for you,” Ma explains. “And we zoom in on the fundamental, and it’s just a Theremin sine wave-type thing, and we could determine which fundamental was the most correct.”

Why the need to tune the drums? “Because the album is so beat- and percussion-heavy,” Boreta says. “There’s a lot of reverb, too, so if it’s ringing out of tune, you can really tell.”

Going the extra mile to tune the drum sounds is another example of The Glitch Mob’s meticulous studio techniques. “It was definitely a very long and tedious process to get everything tuned properly,” Ma says.”