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Sample Tool Working With Slices

October 9th, 2009

Use the Tab key to move forward through slices and the Shift-Tab key to move backward. This makes it easy to preview a slice one at a time.

Other useful commands:

When there are Slices and the Selection Tool is enabled:
Command-Click select slice region
Command-Control-Click – silence slice region
Command-Shift-Click – reverse slice region

When there are Measure visible and the Selection Tool is enabled:
Option-Click select measure section
Option-Control-Click – silence measure section
Option-Shift-Click – reverse measure section

When there is a selection.
Option-Click within a selection to Fade-out
Command-Option-Click within a selection to Fade-in

Hold the Control Key down when starting a drag from the selection and a new cropped file will be created.

Shift-Click to extend a selection.

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