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Version 4.9.7

October 18th, 2009

Changes in version 4.9.7
• Added AudioUnit Plug-ins and Presets to the Sidebar. Double Clicking on AudioUnit Presets opens the AudioUnit.
• Removed AudioUnits Presets menu.
• Double Clicking on a Sidebar item resets, ie: scan will rescan, bookmark will return to the original location.
• Improved Spot to Pro Tools file naming.
• All DSP Processing is now done at the current playback speed. For example if you change the playback speed and then apply an AudioUnit the resulting file will be at the current playback speed.
• Added new Preference “Allow unlimited Miniview files”
• Added alert when attempting to create Miniviews that result in a large amount of diskspace being used.
• Added new Preference “Use AppleScript Move to Trash”
• Fixed Folder Column Browser bookmark jumping bug.
• Bug file in converting Sample Rates which resulted in the sounds be either shorter on longer.
• Changed the Plug-in Manager’s default “Disabled” folder to “Unused” to match Pro Tools 8.0’s standard location for Digidesign Plug-ins only.
• 10.6.1 bug fix for navigation to Bookmarks.
• Improved the progress indicator messages.
• Added Natural Order Numerical Sorting.
• Bug fix in the list view when clicking on empty folders.
• Updated the “Logical” window background to match the current version.
• Updated and corrected several sections in the Manual.
• Other bug fixes.