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Great AudioFinder Tutorial

November 23rd, 2018

Version 5.9.23

November 23rd, 2018

Changes in version 5.9.23

  • Smoother and more responsive playback cursor in the Audio QuickLook View
  • Spot to DAW now stops playback


Version 5.9.21

November 20th, 2018

Changes in version 5.9.21

  • Back by demand single click to open folders, but only as a Preference and off by default.
  • Changes in macOS broke plug-in sets in the Plugin Manager. The file extension “.plug-in set” with a space is not allowed on newer versions of macOS. It’s been changed to “.plug-in-set”, if you rename your previous sets to the new extension they will load.
  • Cleaned Up the Devices Sidebar, removed some system stuff.
  • Removed boot volume from the folder column browser
  • Bug Fixes.


Version 5.9.20

November 14th, 2018

Changes in version 5.9.20

Fixed random browser but where it would go back to the root.
Bug Fixes.


Version 5.9.19

November 12th, 2018

Changes in version 5.9.19

Fixed Folder data missing bug introduced in 5.9.18
If you previously reloacted your Application Support Folder, you might notice folders missing. Contact for help.
Bug Fixes.


How to fix Check for Updates

November 10th, 2018

Apple has changed the security features of macOS and broke the entire update system as you probably noticed. There’s a spurious read only disc error alert that comes up in Check for Updates

If Check for Updates fails, do the following:

0) Quit AudioFinder
1) Open
2) type the following:

xattr -dr /Applications/AudioFinder/

Or download and reinstall:

Then going forward Check for Updates should work.

Note: as of 5.9.17 there’s a new folder structure that changed to get around the macOS Gatekeeper issues.
AudioFinder is now in the Applications folder directly and no longer in a subfolder. The former folder is renamed “AudioFinder Extras”

/Applications/AudioFinder Extras (folder has the manual and stuff)

Sorry for all the trouble, Apple keeps changing the OS. It’s difficult to support way back to 10.9 and the new OS because Apple wants everyone always updating to the latest. But working musicians like stable systems and I’m doing what I can to keep AudioFinder working without dropping older versions.

Usage Tips

Version 5.9.18

November 9th, 2018

Changes in version 5.9.18

Adopted Mojave Dark Mode UI
Mojave Fixes
Added new Metadata and Configuration backup feature. Menu->Library->Backup Metadata and Configuration. This will create a .dmg on the Desktop with the most important AudioFinder data.
Added iCloud Drive to DEVICE Sidebar
New install config
New Sparkle Update Framework
Bug Fixes.