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How to fix Check for Updates

November 10th, 2018

Apple has changed the security features of macOS and broke the entire update system as you probably noticed. There’s a spurious read only disc error alert that comes up in Check for Updates

If Check for Updates fails, do the following:

0) Quit AudioFinder
1) Open Terminal.app
2) type the following:

xattr -dr com.apple.quarantine /Applications/AudioFinder/AudioFinder.app

Or download and reinstall:

Then going forward Check for Updates should work.

Note: as of 5.9.17 there’s a new folder structure that changed to get around the macOS Gatekeeper issues.
AudioFinder is now in the Applications folder directly and no longer in a subfolder. The former folder is renamed “AudioFinder Extras”

/Applications/AudioFinder Extras (folder has the manual and stuff)

Sorry for all the trouble, Apple keeps changing the OS. It’s difficult to support way back to 10.9 and the new OS because Apple wants everyone always updating to the latest. But working musicians like stable systems and I’m doing what I can to keep AudioFinder working without dropping older versions.

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