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Version 4.9.5

August 23rd, 2009

Changes in version 4.9.5
• Added Session Favorites Bin Column to the sound list to make it easy to select favorites.
• Added forward and back history buttons.
• Added SARGAM notation Preference for when AudioFinder displays note names.
• Added the number of items selected to the status line.
• Plug-In Manager now opens with the last format selected.
• Added “Show System Owned Locations” option to the Library menu.
• Increased the default size of the Waveform Preview Cache.
• Speed up the cache clean up process on quit.
• Fixed refresh bug in “Group in New Folder”
• Fixed Return key playback bug in AudioViewer.
• Fixed bug in entering new values into the BPM text field in the AudioViewer.
• Other bug fixes.