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Folders AudioFinder will ignore

April 27th, 2009

Part of the improvements in 4.9 is to keep AudioFinder from scanning folders with files that could crash it. Folders that are owned by the group “wheel” are skipped. 99% of the time folders own by the group “wheel” are only full of Unix binaries. However, one exception is /Users/Shared

If you notice AudioFinder won’t show a particular folder, it could possibly be owned by “wheel”

To change the owner launch Terminal.app and type:

sudo chown :staff /Users/Shared/

It will ask for your password, type it in.

That’s it. AF will now look in there. If you have other folders, simply modify the example above for them as well. The reverse is also true, if you want to exclude a folder from AudioFinder assign it group owner “wheel”

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