Reviews & Quotes

“AudioFinder is another tool for cataloguing content, with a narrower and finer focus than Spotlight or Google Desktop. Mac musicians, podcast makers and videographers will know that searching for sound samples on your hard drive poses a unique challenge. Spotlight can find keywords in textual content, but it can’t tell if your sound file is a Led Zeppelin loop, a banging bass drum sample or the sound of marbles dropping into a biscuit tin. Neither can AudioFinder. What it can do is help you organise your sample collection so you’ll know exactly where to find a specific drum hit the next time you need it.

AudioFinder offers a range of features, but the best way to start is by indexing every sound file on your machine. You can also index external drives, including sample discs in the DVD/CD drive using the Scan Volumes feature.

The main purpose of the program is to organise your disparate collection of sound files. You do this using Scan Sets. For example, you can search your collection for all files that contain the word “drum”, then save the scan result with its own unique name. Alternatively, you can manually select samples and save them as a set. You can batch-rename selected files too – with more descriptive titles, for example.

The package has a built-in preview window for listening back to sound snippets, complete with editable loop points. You can trim and splice samples in this view too – though it’s no real substitute for a dedicated audio editor like Adobe Soundbooth. Still, a series of powerful DSP tools help you process and manipulate sound samples quickly and easily. Normalise a batch of sounds with one command or convert samples to AIFF, WAV, MP3 or SD2 formats, for example.

With pitch detection, BPM calculation and MIDI triggering too, AudioFinder is the missing link in your audio-production chain.”

– Macworld UK, Sept. 2007

“We had some fine choices this year, but when the dust settled, the nod went to Iced Audio’s AudioFinder, a Mac OS X jack-of-all-trades utility that takes the grind out of managing your audio files. AudioFinder automates and simplifies so many tedious tasks, it’s hard to know where to start.”

– Electronic Musician Magazine.

“This is a superb program that stands out as an essential purchase for Mac musos.”

– Computer Music Magazine, May 2005

“Audiofinder is simply fantastic, it’s one of the most used applications in our studio and almost certainly one of the easiest and fastest. It find things outrageously quickly and the in-built processing options are fabulously useful. It’s brilliantly thought out and an absolutely essential purchase if you’re serious about your samples!”.

– Lee Groves, producer / programmer for Mark “Spike” Stent (Gwen Stefani / Janet Jackson / Black Eyed Peas / Craig David)

“AudioFinder has become indispensable to my way of working with audio in general, and samples in specific it’s a small program with a big purpose – I use it every day.”

– Paul Haslinger, Producer, Soundtrack Composer and former Tangerine Dream member.

“In one simple program, AudioFinder gives me everything I used to get from three separate programs under OS9: instant file previewing, batch conversion, and sophisticated batch renaming. Goodies like MIDI keyboard playback and BPM Detector with Rename are like icing on the cake. Nice work! I’ll be using this quite a bit….”

– Charlie Clouser, producer/programmer/remixer (nine inch nails, Helmet, Rob Zombie…)

“If you’re using Mac OS X and have a sample library, this is a must-have download.”

– Electronic Musician Magazine

“Clearly the obvious choice for anyone with multiple audio files on their computer. I love any app that makes sorting through multiple sound files (all in different formats of course) easier. It’s super easy and blazes trails on anything else in it’s class! I especially dig the fact that it interfaces nicely with various other sound editing apps as well. Invaluable application for very little investment. I like this application a lot!”

– Jay Gordon (vocalist for Orgy / Mixer /Producer).

“If you rely on audio CDs in your sampling arsenal, you’ll rejoice when you see AuioFinder’s Sample Extractor… This tool alone is worth the price of admission…”

– Francis Preve, Power Tools Software For Loop Music

“Most of my musical output relies on building sound libraries for both my studio and live performance work. While dealing with literally thousands of sound files on my iBook I need to be able to arrange these files into libraries as well as listen to them easily. I have found AudioFinder to be an invaluable tool in enabling me navigate this large sound file space. Safe to say AF is easily one of the best audio utilities I have owned to date…nice work Iced Audio!”

– Kim Cascone (experimental music composer/writer)

“As far as I’m considered, AudioFinder *is* the Mac OS X file manager. I get f***ing disoriented in other studios, thinking there’s something wrong with their Mac. Any Mac musician who doesn’t have it is a flat-out masochist and might as well be using Windows.”

– Art Gillespie, (pHATmatic PRO)