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Version 4.9.8

November 15th, 2009

• Added new Preference “Start with last folder and Playback History”
• Reworked the Metadata panel to show more information and allow copying of all the text to the clipboard.
• Added ability to mine some versions of metadata from a popular format.
• Added new Preference “Allow MIDI input in background” By default MIDI input is ignored when AudioFinder is not the front most application. This option allows it to controlled via MIDI even when in the background.
• Improved the playlist feature to allow skipping when not in shuffle mode.
• Removing a sound or moving it the Trash will no longer stop playlist.
• Fixed Command-Delete shortcut bug. Will automatically advance to playing the next file.
• Pitch Analyzer will now work with a selection as well as the whole file.
• Pitch Analyzer now inherits the volume settings from the AudioViewer.
• Bug fix Folder Column Browser was not following alias folders.
• Fixed selection to stick after a new file is created.
• Other bug fixes.