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Version 4.8.4

March 10th, 2009

Changes in Version 4.8.4

•    Added Plug-In Report feature to the Plug-In Manager for generating a html report of what’s currently installed.
•    Added Preference to the Audio Tab “Extract ReCycle files at original tempo”. Depending on the file this open might yeild a more useful extraction.
•    Added Preference “Decoding Cache” for compressed audio file formats, which converts mp3, aac and lossless to PCM files before playback.
•    Added Selection Clip dragging support for MP3, ReCycle, Flac and Vorbis files to the AudioViewer.
•    Fixed a Scanner crash caused by some .mov files.
•    Fixed Tone Generator when used in combination with the MOTU 828 mkII
•    Newly created files by AudioFinder are always added to the playback history now.
•    Moved the Waveform Preview Cache to the Caches folder.
•    Please manually delete the old cache files located at: YourHomeFolder/Library/Application Support/AudioFinder/Waveform Preview Cache
•    Other bug fixes.