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Version 5.2.0

March 12th, 2011

Changes in version 5.2.0

  • User interface redesign. Added new unified Metadata View/Edit Sidebar and several other workflow improvements.
  • Metadata Edit’s “Guess” key now works for multi-selections.
  • New waveform rendering style.
  • Added Miniview/List view Toolbar toggling button.
  • All new Sample Extractor HD now works with 16, 24 and 32 bit files.
  • Updated the Shortcuts Help Panel to reflect the latest.
  • Added a new user preference to opt into showing Audio Unit plug-ins and presets in the Sidebar (off by default)”
  • Added a new user preference to make WAV the default output format.
  • Fixed memory leak in the Sample Tool.
  • Fixed column truncation mode in the sound list. Will now show trailing “…” where applicable.
  • Spot to ProTools bug fix when two dual mono files are selected.
  • Added “Export Selection to Logic” to the Sample Tool.
  • Other bug fixes.