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Version 5.1.2

February 13th, 2011

Changes in version 5.1.2

  • Added new “Find Duplicates” Sidebar item. When invoked it will scan the location selected for duplicates and show them in the main list.
  • Made the Audio Quick Look view sizeable inside the main window by adding a pane splitter.
  • Switched to a standard customizable toolbar.
  • Added Quick Look icon to the toolbar. Will collapse and open the view, or bring it forward when detached.
  • Changed the Detach Audio Quick Look keyboard shortcut to Command-/ to avoid confusion with Command-F for Find.
  • Change the keyboard shortcut for Toggling the Metadata Viewer panel to Command-Option-I.
  • Added menu item for feature not often discovered by users. File->Remove Selection From List. Unlike “Move to Trash” this just removes the items from the list.
  • Fixed bug when dragging from one Library to another where the list would refresh each time.
  • Added context menu to Audio Quick Look waveform view.
  • Bug fix, the Top button in the main window was broken.
  • Bug fix for reading embedded metadata from a file with improper chunk sizes.
  • Bug fix, hitting return in the Search Field sometimes could trigger the Play button (return key shortcut).
  • Bug fix, when searching the Metadata Database the results were not being added to the Recents Sidebar item.
  • Other bug fixes.