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4.9.1’s Miniview Feature

April 18th, 2009

AudioFinder 4.9.1 introduces the Miniview Feature. A Miniview is a thumbnail icon of what the sound’s waveform looks like. It is placed next to the file name of each sound in the list.

Why is this useful? Imagine you have three sounds that have names that don’t describe the file, for instance “audio1.aiff”, “sound.aiff” and “track32.aiff”

By looking at the Miniview one can ascertain information about the file.

For example the following Miniview is a 808 Kick Drum:

Here is a synth pad sound:

Finally, here is a loop file, notice the impulse pattern, this is distinctively a visual characteristic of a loop:

With practice one can learn to intuit a lot of info about a sound simply by looking the waveform. Looking is faster than listening.

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