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Version 4.9.3

June 14th, 2009

Changes in version 4.9.3
• International language crashing problem fixed. Japanese particularly implicated.
• Added “OS X FINDER” Sidebar Group. Enhanced the Sidebar to import Mac OS X Finder Sidebar items into the new Group.
• Moved “Finder Selection” and “Spotlight Query” to the new “OS X FINDER” Sidebar Group.
• The “SPECIAL” Sidebar Group has been removed.
• Moved “Session Favorites Bin” to the “RECENTS” Sidebar Group.
• Changed the nomenclature of “Sidebar Folders” to “Sidebar Groups” to avoid confusion with file system folders.
• Any file can now be dragged to a Sidebar “BOOKMARKS” item or Sidebar “OS X FINDER” item to move (default) or copy (hold option key while dragging for copy mode)
• Added shortcut for for “Show Waveform Miniviews”
• Fixed playback bug with some mp3 files.
• Other bug fixes.