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Version 4.9 Release

April 2nd, 2009

This version of AudioFinder introduces a new easier Flexiauth Code system. Users no longer need unique codes for each of their computers.
If you are already a registered user you’ll require a new code to run this version, the new code my be requested free.

• Complete overhaul of the scanning engine.
• Scanning now up to four times faster.
• Improved scanning memory usage, now an order of magnitude more efficient. Much larger scans now possible.
• Improved robustness when scanning encounters corrupt or badly malformed files.
• Improved non-sound filtering in the list view. Now excludes Unix folders from the integrated window.
• Stopping a scan keeps the results up to the current moment.
• New feture Folder Templates panel in the Windows menu for creating instant folder structures.
• Enabled Auto Serialize Preference for mp3 encoding.
• Fixed a bug explorting mp3 clips.
• Fixed a bug explorting AIFC clips.
• Other bug fixes.