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Version 5.0.6

November 9th, 2010

Changes in version 5.0.6
•    Added Support for Spotting sounds to the cursor in Apple Logic 9 or newer.
•    Sample Tools now accept MIDI input for playing back at variable pitches/speeds. This is automatically enabled when a Sample Tool is frontmost window.
•    Added import of “Hollywood Edge” sound library “.tab” files in the Metadata Database Manager.
•    Bug fix with Metadata Editor Templates. If a Template was applied to a sound already in the database the path could be reset to be AFMetadataStoreTemplate.
•    Metadata Database Viewer Templates have a new format, any old ones in use will need to be updated.
•    Fixed the Escape Key to end editing of renaming operation in the list view.
•    Bug fix – sometimes after renaming a file the keyboard shortcuts could stop working.
•    Bug fix AudioViewer shortcuts when detached (free mode).
•    Fixed a bug in the Folder Column Browser that only effected Leopard.
•    Other bug fixes.