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Version 5.0.5

October 5th, 2010

Changes in version 5.0.5
• Added support for uploading directly to SoundCloud from AudioFinder’s browser.
• Added support for accepting drag and drops from iTunes.
• New threaded file AudioViewer waveform analyzer. Allows for instant abort and skip.
• Smoother more responsive playback start when switching long tracks.
• Added prefence to set the Playlist playback pause time.
• Added Show Playback Cursor location option to the Locations popup in the Sample Tool.
• When browsing the file system the list view now shows all folders at the top instead of interleaved.
• Bug fix when attempting to write Metadata to a missing file, AudioFinder will now present a warning dialog when a file has been renamed, moved or deleted outside of AudioFinder.
• Code prep for 64 bit optimzations.
• Other bug fixes.