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Version 5.1.1

January 25th, 2011

Changes in version 5.1

  • Required Update! All users of versions 5.0 – 5.0.6 should install this update. It fixes a case where your Metadata Database could be cross-linked during a auto-relink.
  • More column options in the sound list view, see the new “View Options…” panel.
  • Added 20 User Customizable Metadata Database fields.
  • Added “Last Play Date” and “Play Count” Metadata Database fields.
  • Added “Find Duplicates” feature to the Advanced Search Panel. This feature finds all duplicate sound files in the Metadata Database.
  • Made fields in the Advanced Search Panel default to “Contains” where applicable.
  • Set the Advanced Search Panel to be case insensitive. Previous versions were case sensitive.
  • Added “Hold” feature in the AudioViewer when in Finder Selection Mode.
  • Improved formatting of the Metadata Viewer Info view.
  • Change the way the “Main Library appears in the Sidebar. Now it appears as a regular item.
  • Fixed a Metadata Database sound audio ID bug with sounds under 2K.
  • AudioFinder is now signed so using SoundCloud won’t ask to reauthorize the Keychain item after future updates.
  • Sample Tool “Normalize -3dB” was actually normalizing to 0dB.
  • Bug fix: the Reload button in the main window was jumping back to the orignal starting folder instead of reloading the current folder.
  • Renamed the AudioView to Audio Quick Look to try and keep the sample nomenclature as the OS.
  • Other bug fixes.